If you were to live anywhere you could?   Where would that be?   Many people would say "San Francisco".    The beauty of San Francisco is unparalleled.   It is the tech hub of the entire country.   It is a metropolis packed in forty nine square miles.    

If you are an investor, you will be impressed with the resilience of the real estate market and the amazing returns to your investment.   If you are looking for life style changes, you will have museums, thousands of restaurants, beaches, mountains and lakes all within your reach.  If you desire to make it big in tech, this is the place to be in California.   

Maybe you will leave your heart in San Francisco, just like many others before you.


Zephyr Real Estate has an impressive library of neighborhood guides.   I'd highly recommend you spend some time to watch the video clips to have a good understanding of the feel of each neighborhood.   Here is the link.