There are many reasons why San Francisco is the ideal choice for Chinese investors.  

1.  Quality of air and water

For people who live in major cities like Beijing or China, there is no escape from pollution and food safety problems.   San Francisco, however, offers high quality air and water melted from mountain snow.  

Air and Water Quality.png

2.  Overall Quality of Life

According to, overall quality of life (consists of cost of living, affordability of housing, pollution, healthcare, crime rates, and traffic) is also far superior in San Francisco.  


3.  Population Density

Let's now compare population density.   


4.   Schools

With its 825,000 residents, San Francisco has 72 public elementary schools, 12 public middle schools, and 19 public high schools.   In addition, there are 99 private schools.   Public schools have pathway programs where students can choose bilingual curriculum.    Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish are some of the options.  Many schools also offer their own language classes and programs.   There are also a number of International schools, e.g. Chinese American, French, and Russian.   

So whatever you desire, you will be able to find a good place for your child.