Ying was amazing right from the start where she helped us assemble and submit our first offer within 12 hours! She helped us find our dream home in San Francisco. She was patient in helping us narrow down neighborhoods, calm during a complication that arose due to a new finding at the condo we were in contract for (and helped us get out of it) and prudent in advising us on the type of house we could aim for. We have been living in our new home for a month now, and all the little things she pointed out were all spot on. We always felt that she had our best interests at heart. Additionally she always went the extra mile in terms of conducting due diligence, going through the documents / disclosures, and was also a lot of fun to work with! We have already referred a few of our friends to her and certainly consider this to be the start of a great relationship! – Deepti and KK

I met Ying when she was showing an open house for her client. At that time, I thought I knew enough about buying a house in San Francisco since I already had an agent helping me for 2 months. However, I realized that there were so much more to learn just by talking to Ying for 30 minutes!!! Even though she knows that I have a very tight budget for buying a house in San Francisco, she is willing to offer help all the time. She walked me through all the nitty-gritty of the house buying process, and she taught me different tactics for bidding given the budget I had. In addition, she was willing to go the extra miles for her clients. I remembered that she was willing to conduct all the paper work for placing my first bid even when she knew the chance for getting the house was extremely slim. But going through the bidding process for one time turned out to be an extremely valuable learning experience for me! I will definitely recommend Ying to people around me or if I am asked by anyone for recommendation. – Gilbert

Ying's professional, dependable, and she possesses great people skills in making connections with us, with the seller and seller's agent. Ying takes the interest to understand her client's needs and supports her client's decision. We fully relied on her to keep us on track with all necessarypaperwork, contract schedules and communication of any type with all parties involved throughout the transaction. We would highly recommend Ying's service to any potential buyer/seller in the real estate market. – Shannon and Luis

Ying is a terrific agent! She is very professional, diligent and knowledgeable. Her negotiation skills is incredible. She can work on any budget and she knows exactly what I am looking for during my real estate search! I can not fully express how amazing this agent is unless you work with her!   I am so fortunately to get her assistance! Millions of thanks to you Ying. Please continue to do your great work! Best of luck with other clients; I know that they will be so impress like me! – Jimelica

Ying and Claudia were outstanding in their efforts to help us purchase our first home. They are very knowledgeable, organized, helpful, patient and professional real estate agents. They are quick to respond to any questions we had. Most importantly, we always felt that Claudia and Ying had our bestinterests at heart and were very keen to find the right place for us rather than focus on making the sale. Would highly recommend! – Jamey and Rita

We wanted to express our appreciation for your thorough, friendly & professional approach to selling our apartment in SF. The whole process went smoothly and without complication - thanks to you. We have great appreciation for a job exceptionally well done.  – Amit